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Tenerife, which is located 300 km off Africa, is one of the few islands that are part of the Canary Islands. The tropical nature ofs the island makes it an ideal destination, regardless of the season. The temperatures do not drop below 20 degrees Celsius, making one-day trips around the island by motorbike a fantastic attraction in itself. Suppose we add to this the affordable prices of Tenerife motorcycle rental and some fantastic places that this island has on offer. In that case, Tenerife appears to be the perfect place for an active holiday, even (and maybe especially) in the middle of winter. Tenerife is not a huge island – it is 80 km long and 50 km wide, with just over 880,000 people. However, when deciding to rent motorcycle Tenerife, what we need to remember is a  place worth planning a few days to see all the places worth visiting. We present you the proposals for a day trip around Tenerife, covering the island's central and western parts.


Pico del Teide - Los Gigantes – Masca

Motorcycle rent Tenerife is easy way to visit breathtaking places. Your trip's first destination should be Pico del Teide. The Teide volcano, which is located in the very center of the island. Pico del Teide – or "Hell's Mountain" is an active volcano, which is also the highest peak in Spain – 3718 meters is a considerable height. It can be reached by public road from the north and south of Tenerife. Therefore, Tenerife motorcycle rental business gives a opportunity to reach this place quite easy. You can get to the top by a cable car, and you have to remember that the number of people who can stay at the top simultaneously is limited. Therefore, it is worth trying to get an entry permit in advance, which is issued, among others on the side of the national park of the same name. The volcano itself is part of the entire park complex, where you can see volcanic plains and rocks formed after a volcanic eruption.


The next stop on the way is the coastal town of Los Gigantes. The city, or rather the nearby Los Gigantes cliffs, is one of the island's most visited places. They are located in the west of Tenerife. If you rent motorcycle Tenerife in east cost, don’t worry – you can easy get there by the TF-5 road. When renting motorbikes, we do not have to worry about leaving them in this seaside town. Numerous car parks allow you to park rented motorbikes in Tenerife and admire the 600-meter cliffs, both from land and water, e.g., by rented boat. The last part of the route is the village of Masca, 20 km north of the cliffs. The trail is not long, but it provides impressive emotions. The winding road, full of twists and steep bends, means that this journey takes almost 2 hours! However, everything is compensated by the views along the way, especially from the motorcycle perspective. The end of the route is Masca and the gorge of the same name. If you do not plan to go hiking, be sure to go to the observation deck, where you can admire the view of the village and the Masca gorge. There are toilets, a cafe, gift shop.


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