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3 marca 2021
Tenerife motorbike rental Taganana
12 kwietnia 2021


rent a motorbike Tenerife


Rent a motorbike Tenerife and discover more

Are you planning trip to Tenerife? Do you want to explore the island, every nook, and cranny of it, freely, without self-imposed guides? Do you dream about an unforgettable adventure? The best option is to rent a motorbike Tenerife. Tenerife motorbike rental and Tenerife scooter rental are the best way to get to know the Spanish island's charms. Not only can you get on the rented bike anywhere, but also riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. And if you are concerned about the conditions, you can stop too - in Tenerife the weather is favorable for motorcyclists all year round. That's why we suggest renting a motorbike Tenerife and hit the road!


Save money and rent a motorbike Tenerife

The option we propose is the best for those who would like to save some money. If you do not care about all-inclusive holidays, then book a cheap last-minute flight. Arrange accommodation on your own, and Tenerife motorbike hire will allow you not only to visit the island throughout but also to feel its unique atmosphere - something impossible to achieve by sitting all the time by the hotel pool. Take a look, fly-in, rent a motorbike Tenerife, and you can go along the coast, find the perfect beach among the beautiful vacation spots, and climb the winding mountain roads to the volcanic peaks the next day. This way of traveling is so popular here that rent a motorbike Tenerife will not be a problem for you. There is no shortage of Tenerife motorbike rental and Tenerife scooter rental services on the island, and with us, rent a motorbike Tenerife is now easier than ever.


The next stop on the way is the coastal town of Los Gigantes. The city, or rather the nearby Los Gigantes cliffs, is one of the island's most visited places. They are located in the west of Tenerife. If you rent motorcycle Tenerife in east cost, don’t worry – you can easy get there by the TF-5 road. When renting motorbikes, we do not have to worry about leaving them in this seaside town. Numerous car parks allow you to park rented motorbikes in Tenerife and admire the 600-meter cliffs, both from land and water, e.g., by rented boat. The last part of the route is the village of Masca, 20 km north of the cliffs. The trail is not long, but it provides impressive emotions. The winding road, full of twists and steep bends, means that this journey takes almost 2 hours! However, everything is compensated by the views along the way, especially from the motorcycle perspective. The end of the route is Masca and the gorge of the same name. If you do not plan to go hiking, be sure to go to the observation deck, where you can admire the view of the village and the Masca gorge. There are toilets, a cafe, gift shop.


Of course, it is worth preparing for such an escapade.

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