Tenerife scooter rental with riders of harley davidson
30 września 2020
volcano Teide view from Tenerife scooter
3 marca 2021


Tenerife scooter rental


Are you jealous when seeing motorbike riders or scooter from Tenerife scooter rental catching the wind in their hair? 
Making motorcycle license just to test if this suits you is quite a investment. Lucky from some time in UE you have huge opportunity to make first step forward to test if this hobby suits you, or maybe it’s your new town ride, and you can test it with Tenerife motorcycle rental. 
Riding small 125cc, (but it’s still) motorcycle is possible for every person over 21 years, that have „B” type license (car license) for more then 3 years.


With this kind of license you are in law to ride every 125cc motorbike that have less then 14,75 HP. Some Tenerife motorbike rental respect it, and doesn’t require other conditions for renting this kind of motorcycle with Tenerife motorbike rental. 

This engine capacity is maybe small, but for inexperience rider it’s really sufficient for Tenerife scooter rental. 125cc motorbikes from motorcycle hire Tenerife will deliver one of a kind journey thru fun and freedom. In this engine capacity you can choose a lot of different motorbike types with Tenerife motorcycle hire model range. You will be surprised how this power will fit them differently.


Just to let you know, you don’t have to limit yourself to Tenerife motorcycle. Within this law you can Tenerife scooter rental bigger than small standard 50cc. This kind of ride is specific. Maybe they are not so hot as motorbikes, but they are comfy. 125cc scooter have power to make your trip as fast as trip at 125cc Tenerife motorbike, but with Tenerife scooter you can grab with you nice amount of luggage. You can easly pack your entire beach stuff 🏖 with you, and when you arrive, hide your and your partner helmet within Tenerife scooter.


Take a look if you wanna hire some nice 125cc. Start with our offer of Tenerife scooter rental and motorbike model range