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22 sierpnia 2020
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5 grudnia 2020



We started to think that some of you may be wandering how to ride safe and comfortable in our hot Tenerife temperatures, even if you consider motorcycle or scooter rental Tenerife. You see there is no right answear, but there are few right options to consider. Of course your outfit will depend on motorcycle type that you chose for your ride. By the way, helmet is obligatory for ride, that’s why we will not mention it in this motorbike outfit tip for your trip during your Tenerife moto rent. Here are our 3 recommended options:



1. Casual type

Pretty universal outfit with minimal protection for your ride on hire motorbike Tenerife includes:

  • motorcycle jacket ("motorcycle" part in naming is crutial, not normal jacket, even leather jacket),
  • motorcycle gloves,
  • full boots (can be casual, but high boots over ankle are much prefered). Don’t you ever try riding in sandals and similar, because this can cause irrevertable damage for your health.

  • For this option we recommend to add some knee guards for little more safety and your peace of mind when riding on motorcycle rent Tenerife. In case of accident it will absorb some damage, but don’t expect much of it even at scooter rental Tenerife accident.



    2. Full textile motorbike outfit

    This set is not so much temperature comfortable like casual type, but the heat is on acceptable level when you consider it's safety. Maybe it's not so stylish for Tenerife scooter rent, but for motorcycle rental Tenerife it's perfect. In this set you wanna have:

  • textile motorcycle jacket,
  • motorcycle pants also textile (in hot temperatures avoid full leather clothes),
  • motorcycle gloves (actually here we prefer perforated leather),
  • motorcycle boots or eventually high casual boots.

  • It’s the safest considered set for normal riding in our temperatures, pretty good for everyone (excluded sport types, where you should consider leather suit with knee pads). It's worth a shot if you plan to ride little more considering safety - but keep in mind that even the best motorbike suit will not guarantee your safety, however it will reduce the damage sustained in the event of an accident. For short trip during Tenerife moto rent we are sure that you will hate full motorcycle suit, so we recommend it if you plan to ride long trips.



    3. Like a knight - motorcycle armor

    Our most recommendable suit option when you hire Tenerife motorbike. This set have perfect balance of safe / temperature factor. You will ride with wind blowing over your body like in t-shirt (you can have it on top) and in the same time with pretty nice protection. This option looks good even for Tenerife scooter rental. Motorcycle armor don’t have full textile parts so riding in it is really cool, but it goes with 1 downside factor as well. If you want to ride to el Teide volcano at january - fabruary, then it will be too cold to make it possible with only armor. Regardless of it we believe that this choice for most of the year is the best option for most riders. You gain full fun from motorbike ride on your Tenerife motorcycle rental. This set should include:

  • motorcycle armor
  • motorcycle gloves (actually here we prefer perforated leather),
  • motorcycle boots or eventually high casual boots.
  • motorcycle knee guards.


    Hope we helped you with your motorcycle suit considerations. If you are looking for Tenerife motorcycle rental with motorcycle suit included for your trip, then you are at right place.

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